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The publisher of our book, Medical School Scholarships, Grants & Awards, is MD2B. MD2B is known for its dedication and commitment to helping medical students and residents overcome the challenges of medical school, residency, and fellowship. Our books have been used by thousands of students for medical school, residency, and fellowship admissions. We have also developed books to help preclinical students succeed and clerkship students excel.   Premedical advisors, medical school educators and deans, residency/fellowship  program directors, and a variety of national organizations have recommended or endorsed our resources. We invite you to learn more about how we can help you below.


The interview is most important in the medical school admissions process. This book, which was written to help applicants deliver a powerful and compelling interview performance, is now the most widely used resource in the field. Kirkus Reviews wrote that "this is an extremely thorough handbook...likely to be found indispensable by readers embarking on the arduous process of applying to medical school."




Packed with detailed and specific advice, Success in Medical School shows preclinical medical students how to overcome the challenges of the basic science years while maximizing opportunities in leadership, research, community service, teaching, and extracurricular activities. Strategies are offered to avoid pitfalls, and strengthen credentials at an early point to increase the likelihood of a successful residency match.





The third year of medical school is a time when students move from the classroom to the hospital and clinic. It is a difficult transition, and this book was developed to ease the transition and position students for clerkship success. Since its publication, over 1/3 of U.S. medical schools have made it a required or recommended text. A review in the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) journal, the New Physician (September 2012), stated "I strongly recommend this book. It should be a must-read for any motivated student doctor."





Since 2001, this resource has been a healthcare favorite, utilized by numerous medical schools, physician assistant programs, and nurse practitioner programs to educate medical, PA, and NP students about lab test interpretation with an emphasis on appropriate, practical, and cost-effective strategies.

It is the only book that walks you from abnormal lab test to diagnosis through a series of steps. Step 1... Step 2... Step 3... These are step-by-step approaches not available elsewhere. Along with these unique approaches are hundreds of differential diagnoses, tables, boxes, and algorithms, all designed to answer your lab test questions in a flash. This concise, organized guide fits easily in a coat pocket, providing you with the tools necessary to tackle even the most challenging lab tests. See why so many consider it a "must-have" book.

Considered One of the Best Medical Books of All Time by Medical Media Reviews.




Recommended by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in the AAMC Careers in Medicine Student Guide and American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) in AMWA's Guide to Medical School, The Successful Match has been used by thousands of medical students and international medical graduates to match successfully into competitive specialties and residency programs.





As the years have passed, subspecialty training has increased in popularity. In some specialties, such as radiology and pathology, over 90% of residency graduates pursue fellowship training. Competition is intense, and some applicants are unsuccessful. What does it actually take to secure a position in the subspecialty and fellowship program of your choice? In this book, we answer this important question. As with our book, The Successful Match: 200 Rules to Succeed in the Residency Match, we provide specific evidence-based advice to maximize your chances of fellowship match success.