Go Red Multicultural Scholarship Aims To Support Minority Women In Medicine

The year 2003 was a remarkable year for U.S. medical schools. For the first time, over half of U.S. medical school applicants and enrollees were women. Although we have made significant strides to increase the number of women in medicine, we clearly need more minority women in medicine. Several organizations, including the Institute of Medicine, have studied minority representation in medicine. Their findings highlight the importance of expanding such representation in medicine.

We know that minority patients would rather see minority physicians. 

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Persistence Pays Off For Medical School Scholarship Winner

Founded in 1958, the Houston Medical Forum is a component society of the National Medical Association. As an organization consisting predominantly of black physicians, its mission is to promote the art and science of medicine, stimulate engagement in the community, and foster relationship among its members.  

Its members also include resident physicians and medical students, and the organization strongly believes in supporting these young physicians during training. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Abiola Odejimi, a medical student in the Baylor College of Medicine Class of 2016. She is the recipient of a Houston Medical Forum scholarship.

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Pathology Awards And Grants: Q & A With University of Chicago Pathology Resident, Dr. Alex Gallan (Part 2)

In Part 1 of our Q & A with Dr. Alexander Gallan, a pathology resident at the University of Chicago, Alex discussed why he chose pathology as a career, described two awards he received from the American Society of Clinical Pathology as a medical student, and offered tips and strategies for students interested in winning these awards.  In Part 2 of our Q & A, Alex tells us about the Project Grant he received from the American Society for Investigative Pathology during medical school at Boston University.

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LIFT Program Provides Medical Students Interested In Urology With An Intensive One-Year Research Experience

The Department of Urology at the University of California Irvine School of Medicine is offering up to two medical students the opportunity to participate in the Leadership and Innovation Fellowship Training (LIFT) Program. During this one-year program, students can immerse themselves in basic science, translational, and clinical research projects. You do not have to be a medical student at the University of California Irvine to be eligible for this fellowship program.

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Pathology Awards And Grants: Q & A With University of Chicago Pathology Resident, Dr. Alex Gallan

As a medical student, Alexander Gallan made the most of his opportunities outside of the classroom. With a deep interest in teaching, curriculum development, and research, he was able to make important contributions in these areas at the Boston University School of Medicine. Alexander took some time out of his busy day as a pathology resident at the University of Chicago to tell us about his experiences as a medical student and the awards he received.

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10 Scholarships For Medical Students With Certain Health Or Medical Conditions

After being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 4, Hyram Judd completed four years of chemotherapy, and has been in remission ever since. Now a third-year medical student at Midwestern University in Arizona, he is grateful to the Beyond the Cure Scholarship Program for providing him with the monetary support to reach his professional goals.

Hyram is certainly not alone in having experienced personal illness prior to medical school.

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Annual Scholarship of $30,000 Available to Ohio Medical Students Interested in Primary Care

Over the past several decades, the United States has seen a decline in manufacturing. Among the hardest hit areas are parts of the Midwest where there have been tremendous job losses. As once thriving towns and cities decayed, residents had to make hard choices about their health. "Many of my friends and family members had to choose between visiting the doctor and paying monthly bills," said Chris Yohn, a medical student at Northeast Ohio Medical University. "The people I knew while growing up valued hard work and independence, but their lives were impacted by forces beyond their control."

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Take Steps to Become Financially Literate in Medical School

One month before graduating from medical school, Valerie Brooke attended a workshop where she received some sobering news. After crunching some numbers, she discovered that it would cost her $500,000 to repay her loans. "I just really didn't think about the long term repercussions about taking out the full amount of loans," said Brooke in an interview with Oregon Live. "If I had had that information earlier, my husband and I would've tightened our belts and not taken out the full offered loan amount."

Tuition and fees at public and private medical schools in the United States have increased...

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Excellence in Public Health Award for Finding New and Exciting Ways to Integrate Public Health into Clinical Settings

At the age of 33, Candelario Estrada received some startling information about his health at an annual health fair organized by Parkview Medical Nurses in Pueblo, Colorado. He was morbidly obese, and lab test results showed elevated blood glucose and cholesterol values. The information that he received galvanized Candelario into action. After making changes in his lifestyle, he was able to lose 65 pounds with an improvement in his glucose and cholesterol numbers. He credits his success to the wellness fair.

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Medical Student Hopes To Promote Social Change Through Interfaith Cooperation

Although research indicates that religious and spiritual beliefs have significant impact on how patients cope with illness, these beliefs are frequently unexplored during the physician-patient encounter. Medical students, residents, and physicians understand the importance of spirituality in the lives of their patients but may be unsure of how or when to address such issues.

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Attention High School Students: You Can Win A Full Scholarship To Medical School

As a faculty member at the Baylor College of Medicine, one of my greatest joys is meeting our nation’s future doctors. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with high school and college students through their hospital volunteer work, involvement in summer premedical programs, research, and other venues. I love their enthusiasm, and I’m frequently amazed at the types of contributions these students are making.

Recently, I came across a special group of future physicians who were named semifinalists for the National Academy Medical School Scholarship Challenge. 

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Welcome to

As a faculty member at the Baylor College of Medicine and residency admissions consultant at The Successful Match, I've had the great opportunity of advising and mentoring medical students across the country. I've been impressed with the types of contributions students are making in so many different areas, including patient care, teaching, research, advocacy, service, and leadership.

Students can be recognized for their efforts, and I always try to direct them to available scholarships, grants, and awards. What I've realized is that most of my mentees lack the time needed to research scholarships. Even after a suitable scholarship or award opportunity is identified, sometimes the demands of medical school make it difficult for students to prepare compelling and powerful scholarship applications. To overcome these challenges, I sought to develop a resource that would allow students to be well informed of available opportunities, cut down on the time needed to prepare applications, and utilize strategies to maximize the chances of winning.

I'm pleased to announce that our book, Medical School Scholarships, Grants & Awards: Insider Advice On How To Win Scholarships, is now available. The first 75 pages are all about strategy. Learn how to craft a powerful scholarship application, write compelling essays, secure strong letters of recommendation, and stand out from the competition.

In the remaining 400+ pages, you'll discover the best scholarships for you with awards for research, leadership, writing, global health, service, extracurricular activities, ethnicity, and gender. A unique feature of our book are chapters on each specialty. Let's say you're interested in ophthalmology. You can turn to our ophthalmology chapter to learn about scholarships, grants, and awards that are available for students interested in the field. You'll also see that we've profiled past winners, and you'll find these perspectives enlightening and inspiring.

We're excited to share this new resource with you. We've seen winners reduce their medical school debt and strengthen their residency application, and we'll show you how to join their ranks.

With this blog, our goal is to inform you of new opportunities, share stories of other winners, and offer you further tips and techniques to enhance your chances of being a scholarship or award recipient. We wish you the best of luck. As always, feel free to contact us.